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Ethan Silverman (thesis advisor)
Chris Romero (thesis advisor)
Anthony Jesse Deen (thesis advisor)
Andrew Zornoza (thesis advisor)
Jia Zheng (designer)


May 3 2017


Suspect X is a point-and-click interactive narrative that aims to challenge players’ deductive reasoning, observation and analytical skills in solving a murder case. In the story, five characters who were high school friends rented a house for a reunion party. The girl named Sara was found dead in her own room with a poisoning wine next to her when everyone else was having dessert in the dining room. 

Clues are hidden in secret conversations, pictures that suspects took, and lab results of suspicious objects. Players have to draw their own conclusion from what they observed in the scene as part of the story is designed to be misleading. In this interactive narrative, players can click on objects to search for clues, examine the interior space, and talk to suspects to find out who is the real murderer.



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