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David Carroll (thesis advisor)
Aya Karpinska (thesis advisor)
Tzui Wu (designer)


May 4 2017


Arguments and debates are all over the place on the internet and are filled with malicious and hateful language, especially regarding the issues of controversial topics. Whereas, for someone who irrationally pushes forward their anger on the social platforms, consequences that sabotage careers and relationships may change people’s consideration of their social habits of online conversation or backward the willingness of self-expression. This thesis concept is aiming to moderate the communication flows in cyberspace by reducing vicious language delivered by irrational minds, by targeting the susceptible who are easily affected by the opposing and malicious comments or opinions on social media.  

Tactly is a self-moderation tool which takes the form of a Chrome browser extension that guides people to manage and strengthen their verbal manner on the Internet and social media. It detects the sentiment from a user’s sentence on the social media based on the usage of words and transforms it into an understandable grading system by using the integrations of NPM SentiWord library and Perspective API as the guideline so that users can measure and improve their verbal manners of the conversation in scale. Also, users can trace their usage records to see the progress of their habits of online communication so that user will learn how to engage and have a more rational conversation positively, and consequently using Tactly can lead to better online relationships and build a plausible credibility for social media.



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