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May 4 2017


Sukun is a mobile application to find, post and share quiet spots close to you. Sukun means quiet, relaxation and peace in Hindi and Urdu. The project developed based on my interest in the rush of life. Everyday I wonder, why are people always rushing? Why is everything so fast-paced? Can we just take a moment, relax and introspect? This then encouraged me to dive deeper in studying about the Urban development and City life. I am studying the fast-paced lives that New Yorkers live and it has made me wonder whether people know or go to any beautiful/quiet spots in the city. This is important because it will help us all understand the importance of introspection and ways to attain it in the city that never sleeps. 
I am developing an iOS app that would manage your location to show you quiet spots close to you. These spots will be stored in a database and the crowds will be analyzed. Based on the spot, you will receive images, videos and information about the spot. The information will be short descriptions with how crowded a spot is at a particular point of time. You can also customize these quiet spots based on your hobbies and interests. Do you want to go to a quiet spot to talk to somebody? Do you want to go to a quiet spot to do some morning yoga? Do you want to go to a quiet cafe? Do you want to simply go to a quiet spot, put your phone away, close your eyes and introspect? Do you want to spend 10 minutes in a quiet spot to eat? Sukun is for you! Users can also submit a spot based on places they discover. In further development, this mobile platform will be user-generated content curated by Sukun.



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