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David Carroll (thesis advisor)
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Ethan Silverman (thesis advisor)
Mengyu Cao (designer)


April 30 2017


Lunhui is a tech startup that functions as a platform for bringing together city residents and craftspeople. It supports up-cycling and creates art and design objects by providing unwanted material pick-up service and by matching the inventory to craftspeople to support their creations. It helps to give unwanted objects new life cycles, away from landfills. I would like more people to be involved in up-cycling and creativity circles by providing easy and efficient technology.

Lunhui was created to drive demand for up-cycling and to bring city residents together. The service connects individuals who are decluttering with craftspeople who make products from recycled materials. The goal is to reduce waste, create value, fulfill customers’ feelings of satisfaction, thrift, and resourcefulness, as well as bring support and encouragement to cooperators who are artists, designers, and craftspeople.



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