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John Sharp (thesis advisor)
Chris Prentice (thesis advisor)
Aneta Genova (thesis advisor)
Andrew Zornoza (thesis advisor)
Douglas Tran (designer)


May 10 2016


The Moments exhibition curates an educational exploration into the history of sneaker culture through a collection of objects that represent the three pillars of sneaker culture: art, sport/fashion, and music. The objects within the exhibition will be designed to scale and will afford the audience to physically touch and interact with them. Through adaptations the objects become an extension of the sneakers i.e. for the Nike Air Jordan 1, which was banned by the NBA for not having enough white on the shoes, the spray paint can was given the original black and red treatment and signifies the importance of the colorway. The skateboard represents the crossover fusion between the subversive nature of sport in street / counter-culture which mixes different ethnic communities. Lastly, music, as the last pillar of sneaker culture and arguably the most important extension of the culture because even if an individual does not follow art or design, sport or fashion, nearly everyone universally appreciates music. The retro styled boombox will engage the audience through a selected playlist of the artists and songs that have had the biggest impact within sneaker culture. The goal of this exhibition is to serve as an experience to inspire and motivate artists and designers through the subculture of sneakers.



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