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David Carroll (thesis advisor)
Barbara Morris (thesis advisor)
Songyuan li (designer)


May 12 2016


I am studying the storytelling and urban fabric for displaying collective memory of the city and merging multiple layers of the urban space in order to interpret the relationship among residents, visitors, and urban space to preserve the city’s culture heritage. In my thesis project, I am designing a new hybrid experience for re-envisioning city’s past though sound narration. Urban space has been developed by people on establishing new things above the history, past city culture and stories should not vanish along the city development. Although the visual has dominated our perception for decades, Now I still want to develop a project that focus on the sound media about a urban environment. Cities have always been associated with the experience of sound. which is playing a more and more dominant role in public space, approaches to urban auditory experience become increasingly important. Besides, my thesis is not only about displaying acoustical properties, but also to sonic interventions through a product that build commercial or artistic, social or individualistic environments. In my thesis, I want to achieve encouraging a public dialogue concerning city culture heritage for discussing design questions like which technology and methodologies are available for analyses of urban space; and in what ways do these approaches relate to present or past notions of urban culture?



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