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Scott Pobiner (thesis advisor)
Chris Romero (thesis advisor)
Crystal Tong (designer)
Parsons the New School for Design. Design & Technology Dept. (sponsoring body)


May 12 2015


Designer's statement: This thesis explores the potential role in mobile health applications for stress coping strategies for those who suffer from acute and chronic stress in their daily lives. Informed by a qualitative study of experiences of people with low to medium general anxiety, I developed an intervention system that suggests users to act upon their stress when they are experiencing high or chronic stress. By using mobile technologies to create this coping tool, users have access to this tool at any given time. Initially, a user would input their activities that they find enjoyable and calming. Then when the user reaches high levels of stress or chronic stress during a given day, the application will alert the user to intervene within a certain time frame. By using this application as a coping method, users can address their stress immediately and experience less elongated stress. Furthermore, it also serves as a preventative measure for future anxiety disorders.



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