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Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology program theses2015 ➔ Technoumenon / The Transcendental Digital Object


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Kan Yang Li (thesis advisor)
Marko Tandefelt (thesis advisor)
Loretta Wolozin (thesis advisor)
Louisa Campbell (abridger)
Rodolfo E Segrera (designer)
Parsons the New School for Design. Design & Technology Dept. (sponsoring body)


May 10 2015


Designer's statement: Art practice committed itself, during centuries, to mimesis and representation by capturing nature visually and less commonly in audible manners. Our understanding of reality has been grounded by phenomenological and aesthetic studies in philosophy, derived, in many cases, from Kantian thought. Today, after decades of romantic affairs with new technologies and media we introduce the age of simulation, one that based on Baudrillard's ideas of Simulacres et Simulation starts from the radical negation of the sign as value; the sign as reversion and death sentence of every reference prior to the conception of simulacra. In art, this new form of procedural aesthetics obliges to re-think the way in which we understand physical phenomena by means of digital media. Both simulation and its counterpart, dissimulation, imply the creation of a false presence. Simulation entails the appearance of having what one does not have. Dissimulation shows one does not have what one has. Baudrillard states that both of these terms are irrelevant when addressing the nature of existence. Reality it is simply masked, no matter if the simulation vacillates between real and imaginary. Manifested phenomena appears as a concrete experience to the human sensory apparatus regardless of whether its background reality is truthful or deceitful, physical or metaphysical, analog or digital. This thesis proposes the creation of a system of mixed natures, a space where bits and atoms coexist and stabilize themselves. I introduce a reevaluation of the classical philosophical understanding of noumenon / phenomenon; a re-visitation on how the unknown, the unobservable trans-mutates into the known, the sensed world. A simulation which illustrates the idea of reality as being a construct based on assumptions and predefined postulates. The following pages propose a cybernetic structure which obeys to the contemporary and technological needs of the human experience and its understanding of reality.



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