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Umut Ozover (designer)
Cynthia Lawson (thesis advisor)
Chris Prentice (thesis advisor)
Scott Pobiner (thesis advisor)
Louisa Campbell (thesis advisor)
Melanie Crean (thesis advisor)




Some people are forced to hide their identities, hide who they are and live a different life because of their religion, political views, socioeconomic status or sexual preference. The pressure they feel from the society they are in can cause a heart-breaking dilemma. They can create a self-defense mechanism to end this persecution. One way to do so is to isolate themselves from society. As a result, some become lonely, some are considered outcasts, some try to disregard society and some eliminate themselves. Regardless, they all have to move on with their lives with an open wound. However, what does living multiple identities do to an individual?

“I cried a million tears” is a four-channel video installation that is a manifestation of the artist’s experiences as a person who had to hide his own identity. Each video is an abstraction of complex emotional experiences he had in his life and has unique aesthetics depending on his experience. “I cried a million tears” enables people who haven’t had to live multiple identities to experience what it is like to survive in life with dishonesty, lies and secrets.



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