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Ta-En Kuo (designer)
Marko Tandefelt (thesis advisor)
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Dealing with a breakup can be very painful and emotionally draining. It’s normal to have feelings ranging from sadness to depression. But, if people feel life is becoming overwhelming because of a flood of negative emotions, it is better for them to start seeking help before such emotions become a serious problem.

“Move On” is a mobile application that uses a thought record to help users challenge pervasive, negative thoughts and shift them to healthier alternatives. The purpose of this project is to provide users with an easy way to understand, cope with and regulate emotions on their own, finding their way to a more optimistic outlook.

Thought recording is a common strategy used in cognitive behavior therapy. The purpose is to help patients recognize negative emotions, find the patterns, and increase or substitute positive ways of thinking, doing, and feeling. This application is about helping its users use reflective thought over time to “move on” with a positive approach.



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