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Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology program theses2011 ➔ Sylbie Happie and The Quest For The Talisman


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Marietony Rustia Canieso (designer)
Anthony Jesse Deen (thesis advisor)
Chris Prentice (thesis advisor)
Ethan Silverman (thesis advisor)




Children of the twenty first century embrace today’s digital and electronic cultures and gravitate towards using these technologies for both recreation and educational purposes. Though printed books contain rich narratives and are often complemented with expressive visuals in the form of illustrations, the electronic screen pushes the envelope further by adding a hint of magic. Technology makes it so that a slide of a finger across a glass screen yields an electronic page turning and a press of a button makes still illustrations come to life.

I support that reading on a screen, whether stationary or portable, carries an appeal greater than that of traditional printed media because it inherently provokes the sense of play through its interactive capabilities. An added enhancement that technology also allows is the way information is delivered—as with hypertext, a word may lead to an animation right on the page itself or take the reader to a specific part of the story. I believe that a novel written, designed, and delivered electronically for the screen allows for a breadth of narrative possibilities as well interactive options, which makes it a perfect product for the technology savvy children of this millennium.

Sylbie Happie and the Quest for the Talisman is an original work of hypertext fiction. Set in present day New York City, this multi-linear narrative is an assimilation of Filipino mythology and my personal family folklore. The reader will embark on a fantastical journey with Sylbie, the ten-year-old heroine with a grand destiny of possessing a powerful talisman and defeat an evil creature set on destroying her extraordinary family.

The electronic novel, that is fully accessible online, is geared to young readers aged nine to twelve. It is written for the genre of electronic literature, coded in Actionscript 3.0 with dynamic hand-drawn illustrations primarily animated and composed in After Effects. Loosely fashioned after the Choose Your Own Adventure genre, the reader is prompted to choose a hypertext to progress into the novel compelling him to read each episodic chapter non-sequentially. The reader may freely set his own reading path in accordance with the hypertext(s) he chooses to ultimately unlock one of multiple endings.



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