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In a supply and demand economy that depends on mass production, consumers often forget that many of the things we need can be built, crafted or repaired by hand. Not surprisingly, time and convenience take precedence when people realize they need a new piece of clothing, a gift for a friend or to repair house wares. But handmade craft has recently become a part of consumer culture, especially in New York City. There are many new venues through which to learn how to complete any DIY project ranging from building furniture to creating your own solar powered small appliances. However, seeking out a workshop, supplies and even researching online requires a commitment and is more inconvenient then taking a trip to the store. If traditional skills taught in public spaces for free, people will be more inclined to stop, learn and inquire, therefore discovering a new capacity to make more by hand and continue the handmade tradition.

In A World Without is a series of projects that bring craft to the public. Interventions take place in local retail stores, public places and pop-up spaces in New York City. Each project is designed to continue the teaching of traditional handmade craft practices (knitting, sewing, hand printing, etc.) and help people to realize their own ability to make more by hand. By reaching out to the public in spaces other than their homes or workplaces, they are detached from many technological distractions and are more inclined to stop and learn.



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