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Lindsey Elliott (designer)
Chris Romero (thesis advisor)
Ethan Silverman (thesis advisor)
Melanie Crean (thesis advisor)




Rest In Pieces utilizes the idea of inconvenient, time-consuming technology by displaying hand-replicated objects with materials that connect with specific memories. The handmade aspect gives the piece something that present technology can never achieve, no matter how advanced; the sense of the tactile experience and the artist’s aesthetic presence. By using the memories as the method and process for creating these items; momentary events are now embodied in a series of physical objects that tell a story.

These tokens of remembrance are displayed in a dresser, a vehicle that carries my objects that possess memories; however, it is cut in half. This one piece of furniture implies my private space, without having to create an encompassing installation. Having the dresser split represents the act of sharing memories. The two halves are arranged so the viewer has to get close to the piece in order to discover the objects within the dresser. The objects are visible and meant to be shared, but not displayed openly; accessible yet guarded, much like my memories, themselves.

The main aesthetic of this piece is very child-like. Mainly, because the roots of these specific memories stem from my childhood. The more present memories continue in this manner; not only to connect with the earlier objects, but because in many ways, I am still a child.



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