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James Hung (designer)
Louisa Campbell (thesis advisor)
Cynthia Lawson (thesis advisor)




Education is important. However, after long day working, most people don’t have enough energy for a one or two hour long lecture. Under these circumstances, what they want is entertainment, for instance, video games. In fact, playing video games is also a process of learning—when playing a game, players begin to learn the structure and every function of item in this game. Using games to teach is not a new idea, and there are a host of educational games. Nevertheless, most fun games are not educational, but they have a broad range of audience. Hence, the problem is how to make educational games that still fit in the framework of fun games.

Saikou Cycle is a game that teaches people what the real recycling is, and also focuses on this issue. The core mechanic allows players to discover the problem of our production system, and through level design, players will explore this complicated process step by step. Since the concept of recycling is not a fun topic, this game provides players a fascinating goal by harnessing the power of narrative. Through the game play, players will finally figure out what the real recycling is, and the effect on our environment. Saikou Cycle is formed under the format of casual games, and attempts to combine educational content. Once casual games are educational, learning can be a sort of entertainment.



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