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Garrett Tillman (designer)
Anthony Jesse Deen (thesis advisor)
Ethan Silverman (thesis advisor)
Cynthia Lawson (thesis advisor)
Chris Prentice (thesis advisor)




Do Loop is an SMS-based group communication system that enables its users to create social activity around physical activity. Users simply text the system to verify their number, and then follow the prompts to create loops, loop-in their friends, and enjoy the path towards a more physically active lifestyle. Do Loop’s goal is simple, we want users to become more active because they enjoy being active, and that enjoyment translates into an improvement in the quality of their physical activity. At its core, Do Loop is a simple engine that passes along a tangible benefit to the user; a result of my thesis work over the past several months. The purpose of this simplicity is to allow access to a user that is weary of overcomplicating their life with technology. Each of Do Loop’s motivations, details and functionalities ladders up to this reductive, beneficial goal in order to help its users reach an optimum lifestyle balance that results in wellness.



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