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Graeme Richardson (designer)
Anthony Jesse Deen (thesis advisor)
Ethan Silverman (thesis advisor)
Chris Prentice (thesis advisor)




Combining mobile technology and mobile interface design with automotive technology can improve the driving experience, while reducing the state of driver to mobile device dysfunction. Currently there are wide spread publicity about the dangers of texting or emailing while driving. Engaging in these activities while operating a vehicle can easily lead to information overload, causing a loss of focus for the driver. However, the mobile technology, especially smart phones, have seen vast improvements over the past six years. While many organizations are moving to prevent texting while driving, there are ways to harness these devices abilities to interact and with other electronic devices. Versatile Driving Interface (VDI), is a mobile application created for a tablet device that will explore the different modes of interaction and communication between driver, mobile tablet device and car in the driving context. The VDI project will consist of physical connections to the car allowing the tablet to interface directly with discreet functions; such as windows, mirrors, trunk, doors, gas lid., etc. Additionally, the tablet will receive information from the vehicles diagnostic port, which allows access to a wealth of real time vehicle information ranging from gas mileage to engine diagnostics. VDI will also serve as a drivers mobile profile, storing their preferences of seating arrangements, music choices, contacts and directions. The driving mobile profile stored in VDI, will allow drivers to travel with their devices and interact with other vehicles. Currently, there is no single mobile/automotive application on the market using this mix of tablet, car, physical and software connections. VDI is a concept that will explore those possible connections and attempt to provide a better driving experience.



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