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Uros Otasevic (designer)
Anthony Jesse Deen (thesis advisor)
Chris Prentice (thesis advisor)




"78" is a short Movie inspired by dramatic events that occurred in Belgrade in 1999 and will focus on experiences and psychological effects of bombardment through usage of abstract and symbolic elements. It is audiovisual journey through critical thoughts of fictional character that was there during bombing.

While time frame and location are intentionally unclear, basic plot concept is a day in life of a survivor who is more like a vehicle for thoughts that drives and guides viewers into desired direction and conclusion throughout the movie. By using experimental narrative structure, non-linear approach and first person point of view, viewers will be immersed into complex, confusing, emotional and enlightening world of people who experienced such extreme environment.

Goal of this project is to increase awareness and educate people about how was it to live through under such crisis and how does it changes ones perspective afterwards. Methodology is based on exploration and implementation of established and experimental film techniques, as well as integration of computer generated visual effects with live action.



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