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Baseball is a sport that is deeply rooted in the culture of modern society. The history of baseball is as much about the fans and the cities that the teams represent as it is about the game itself. As we move into the 21st century, a growing emphasis is being put on players themselves versus the teams and cities that have shaped the sport in the past. Fantasy baseball, statistics and individual records are quickly becoming the ways in which success is defined, sometimes with a disregard for the actual game itself. Pennant is an attempt to bridge the gap between the past and the present, using the modern movement towards displaying data in a creative, visual way to recreate seasons and games from the perspective of the fan. Pennant puts an emphasis on the teams that fans associate themselves with rather than the players that are becoming increasingly disconnected from the fan bases they represent.

The goal is not to derail or discredit the modern day focus on statistics but rather to offer an alternative view of this data that unlocks what cannot be shown through pure statistics. It is a graphical representation of the beauty, drama, tragedy and triumph that unfolds every summer as legions of fans watch their favorite teams in hopes that their city will prevail in Major League Baseball's annual pennant race.



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