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Shir Raitses (designer)
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Surfing is a unique sport. It is a professional sport, a lifestyle, a sub-culture, an art form, a popular pastime, a global marketing phenomenon, a mega-million-dollar industry, a form of expression, an escape, a performance art that requires no audience, an inspiration, a style or fashion, a sophisticated society or an excuse to party, a religion, a frame of mind, a career... and to some, it is everything! It also takes place in one of the most beautiful locations on earth, the ocean. The evolution of Blue Glass stemmed from both inspiration and rebellion to the traditional live action surf film. Surf films have always been a very important medium for surfing. It was surf films that first made the sport visible to people around the world. With the launch of the more affordable video camera in the 1980’s, surf films began to saturate the market with low and medium budget surf films. Furthermore, big surf brands began making surf films to promote clothing and product sales. Many of the surf films currently in circulation tend to be one-dimensional action driven, male-oriented films that do not portray the sensation of the experience.

In an attempt to go back to the roots of surfing focusing on the pleasure of the sport rather than the tricks, Blue Glass takes a different approach to the common live action style films. Blue Glass is an abstract 2D mixed media animation that attempts to delve deeper into the sensation and action of surfing from a female perspective through a colorful, textural universe that portrays the richness and mysteriousness of the experience. Drawing parallels to the actual emotional journey of surfing in an unpredictable ocean, Blue Glass takes the viewer on a journey of fantasy and mystery.



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