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Nick Perez-Gurri (designer)
Anthony Jesse Deen (thesis advisor)
Marko Tandefelt (thesis advisor)
Melanie Crean (thesis advisor)




“Another Light” explores the use of Internet communication within populations of alienated individuals, and how these people turn to the immediacy and anonymity of Internet mediated communication to cope with their everyday problems.

Taking form as a video installation, it creates a novel voyeuristic experience where one can observe a character’s deviant behavior using an online alter ego. The duel channel piece contrasts live-action experimental video following a day in the life of one woman, with a highly stylized animated sequence that depicts the fantasy life of her online alter ego. The sequence, visible only through a small peephole in the wall opposite a monitor playing the live action experimental video, simulates a shadow that reveals itself in a specific way tells the story behind her deviant behavior online. The act of observing a character’s deviant behavior online, in turn, reflects on the deviant intensions of the spectator. Through a combination of narrative, interactive, and sculptural techniques, the piece is a contemporary portrait of the complexities of identity, desire, and escapism as explored via the Internet.



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