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Namrata Mruthinti (designer)
Anezka Sebek (thesis advisor)
Barbara Morris (thesis advisor)




My theme is straightforward: a reverse cultural clash. By the end of the story, my audience should be able to understand that it takes patience and understanding to resolve this issue. My target audience is first generation immigrants and who are not able to speak their mother‐tongue. Although my animation in particular is set in India, I feel that this issue is a universal one, and could be understood by any immigrant facing this problem.

I initially wanted to complete this entire project using a mixture of different methods of two-dimensional animation with programs like Flash and After Effects with several layers of handdrawn animation. As suggested to me later on after my prototyping process, it seemed that the more realistic element could be established in a more three‐dimensional environment. This is why I was lured into the more organic approach of Stop‐Motion mixed in with Flash Animation.



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