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Katherine Lee (designer)
Cynthia Lawson (thesis advisor)
Ethan Silverman (thesis advisor)
Jamie Kosoy (thesis advisor)




The Kwyjibos Lab is a web-based application that allows users to design and order their own plush creatures, kwyjibos. Kwyjibos are the plush toys resulting from a customization process designed to empower users to create objects they like and have a personal connection with. In a world where customization is increasingly used as a weapon to combat mass commoditization, customized items themselves risk becoming commoditized to the point that they lose personal meaning. I have approached this problem by designing the customization process with an aim to support the user in creating something they feel a sense of ownership over. From a blank canvas, users select from a mixed bag of body types and components and allow their imaginations to imbue their creations. with life, personality and a story. Through the choice of plush toys as the medium, and through the use of homemade, handcrafted aesthetic, this project attempts to connect the user experience with users' feelings of comfort, familiarity, nostalgia and emotional affinity for soft toys.



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