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Grace H Park (designer)
Anthony Jesse Deen (thesis advisor)
Chris Romero (thesis advisor)




Many argue that the advanced technology of the 21st century has brought the world closer together than ever before. However, appreciation for diversity is an ongoing challenge, especially when we unconsciously judge an individual based on our preconceived ideas about that individual’s culture and identity.

I approach my thesis project as an opportunity to answer questions regarding our society’s ability to recognize and appreciate the contemporary increase in diversity and multiculturalism. As an individual with a multicultural identity, my own art indirectly reflects the experiences, influences and perspectives of various cultures. I plan to use the reaction that my thesis animation receives from the audience as a starting point for spectators to question how far we have come in throwing away conventional ideas about identity and recognizing the common core we all share as humans, despite our differences.

The thesis project is a three-minute-long After Effect-based animation that reinterprets the popular Korean folktale, “The Sun and the Moon,” using universal symbols and iconography to investigate the idea of hidden cultural contexts. By using technology to deliver iconography to the audience, I will embed culturally relevant visual cues seamlessly into a narrative in order to add a layer of symbolic complexity to the surface of the story. Through the cross-cultural aspects of the storytelling, I question if it is possible to deliver the story’s original theme to an audience from another culture by altering the visual vocabulary of context and setting. If indeed the story is universally understood, I am hoping to prove the common core we all share as humans in terms of emotions, dreams and moral values.



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