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Erica Osher (designer)




The Compass Learning Management System is a competency-based learning and documentation system for resident learning. It helps faculty and individual residents determine the direction of education for each learner. It supports learners’ understanding and comprehension of medical knowledge and skills as they construct the cognitive structures vital to the practice of medicine. With learning goals, resources, and documentation of learning at the tip of one’s fingers, it allows faculty and residents to concentrate on what is essential, namely teaching and learning. Compass LMS serves as a portfolio, providing residents with a living history of their learning and faculty members with documentation needed for advancement (and to satisfy ACGME requirements). Residents document their acquisition of basic skills, log procedures completed, and explore their understanding of patient management through “clinical blogs”. Faculty members can record residents’ demonstration of cognitive skills, feedback obtained from shadowing or video review, and the results of resident-faculty discussions.



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