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Conway Liao (designer)
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My impetus for developing Frecipes is to combine my interest and knowledge in sustainability, gardening, food, social technologies, and branding. California is often considered to be the most environmentally friendly state and growing up in California furthered my drive to push the ideals of sustainability into every aspect of my life. After moving to New York, I realized how wide the variety of seasonal and local produce was available in California, even more evident in the colder months. Many of these items are still available in New York during the winter months but these items are often expensive, not only the monetary cost, but the environmental cost associated with processing, packaging, and transport of these goods.

Although having a limited selection of produce can be frustrating, Frecipes builds a a user base with the exchange of dialogue that focuses on the seasonality of food and leverages the power of social technologies to build a platform and community where people can be encouraged to share their knowledge of the ingredients used in preparing a local, seasonal meal.



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