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Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology program theses2010 ➔ Hustling Health Care: An Experiment in Ulterior Education Through Gameplay


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Clay Ewing (designer)




Hustling Health Care is a strategic board game that uses real world insurance claim price data. The game aims to teach players the actual cost of health care in the United States through play. Each player takes on the role of an insurance company. They play the game by selling plans to patients and paying claims. The players try to avoid bankruptcy while keeping their patients happy and healthy. To allow access to wide range of hospitals, including ones in their local area, players will be able to print new sets of cards for use in the game through a website. Knowing what claims have been paid for and how much each person paid for them gives players an advantage, so the better the player is at the game, the more informed they are as a health care consumer. Games that use real data represent a new frontier for educators, as playing to learn challenges conventional teaching methods.



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