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Taeko Fukamoto (designer)
Katherine Moriwaki (thesis advisor)
Louisa Campbell (thesis advisor)
Zachary Lieberman (thesis advisor)




NeuroRehab and the "Fun" Factor is a game tool designed to enhance the experience of patients during neurorehabilitation. The integration of game-play in this process will provide patients with a "fun" incentive to perform exercises that are by medical necessity arduous and repetitive. The ultimate goal of this project is not to replace the current methods of rehabilitation programs, but to serve as a supplement to encourage the neurologically impaired to persevere in therapy. Only by doing so can brain-injury patients regain the functions required for activities of daily living (ADLs) and improve the overall quality of their post-traumatic lives.

The overarching question that will guide the research and the conclusions of the thesis is: How can the "jim" factor be effectively incorporated into rehab for brain-injury patients?



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