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Rishi Sharma (designer)
Ethan Silverman (thesis advisor)
Adam Chapman (thesis advisor)




A computer game with User-Generated Content features can act as a medium for social networking.

The game can be modified for purpose of creating games based on dynamic narrative. For my thesis project I made a computer game in which users can generate content. I also created a game-oriented social network. It is a simple tile-based game with a chase mechanic. The computer players (AI) assume the role of hunters and the human player are the prey. The player must move across the map from his starting point to reach the hunters' starting point, while avoiding contact with his pursuers. The player may be able to use a certain obstacles in order to block the hunters' movements.

The game offers both campaign and profile modes. In the former of the two modes the player must progress through a set of campaigns; each campaign will be a set of levels. In order to finish the game, the player must finish all of the levels. In profile mode the players get the ability to create and maintain a set of levels and avatars. This is achieved by a level editor that enables players to create and edit existing levels. These levels and avatars can be shared with players over the internet. Each player gets a set of generic avatars that may be changed or edited by an avatar editor. Players may rate other players' creations; this creates a sense of social networking.



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