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Rohini Metharam (designer)




My South Asian friends and I have all experienced problematic communications with our parents when it came time to choose a career. Parental career expectations are often more traditional than what their children want to pursue. Because South Asian youth are taught to respect their parents, they are often afraid to create conflict within the family.

As an aspiring 3D animator and someone who has longed to provide a solution to this problem in South Asian society, I decided to create Ranga’s Meat Shop.

I have chosen 3D animation as the form to tell this story as it is appealing to both children and adults. The story will not only provide an impactful message but also serve as a starting point in my workshop for this conversation to take place. The workshop will include exercises and games to further the conversation and bring home the message to both parties. As a follow-up, the participants will be given access to a website where they can view Ranga’s Meat Shop for additional inspiration and also use a forum to have anonymous conversations about this issue. It therefore bridges the gap of communication and provides a safe haven where South Asian families can share their concerns and try to reach an understanding among all members.



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