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Kevin J Reste (designer)




With hardware and software advancements, now one person on one machine can do what would have taken an entire studio to do 10 years ago. However, the technology has not carried with it skill, and what once was a long, carefully thought out approach is now a couple of clicks, which are made without an understanding of the actual process. The most complicated visual effects shots in Hollywood can be broken down into the core techniques of color keying, tracking, rotoscoping, lighting and compositing. I have designed several shots that run the gamete of these core techniques and accompany them with understandable and fun tutorials.

Life on VFX will be a free resource for aspiring visual effects artists and movie makers, where they will be able to gain a full understanding of core visual effects techniques and how to apply them in order to solve complex problems.

So welcome to Life on VFX were you will be able to find all of that information. Explanations, real world examples, relevant terms, pipeline issues will all be shown and discussed in Life on VFX. I will even go into my failed experiments so that you can see where it went wrong and avoid those same issues when you’re working.

Whether you are working on your own film and looking for digital solutions to problems you had on set, or you are a digital artist who wants to learn the process , or even if you just have a youtube channel and want to make sure your video look as good as they can, Life on VFX will have something for you. So let’s not waste any more time let’s get to it..



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