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Jinhyun Erica Park (designer)
Adam Chapman (thesis advisor)
Ethan Silverman (thesis advisor)
Katherine Moriwaki (thesis advisor)
Louisa Campbell (thesis advisor)
Max Porter (thesis advisor)




"Jinhyun's Hope" is an animated Public Service Announcement (PSA) that addresses the issue of diet disorders, which are prevalent in South Korea, specifically in women. In South Korean culture, much emphasis is placed on one's physical appearance. Individuals are constantly being judged and pressured to fit an ideal image set forth by society. South Korean women obsess over dieting in order to lose weight and be accepted. When these obsessions develop into diet disorders, social stigma prevents the women from seeking help. "Jinhyun's Hope" tells a parable that highlights the dangers of having an unhealthy obsession with one's body image. The piece is a 5 minute animation done in Flash and After Effects.



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