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Esteban Rojas (designer)
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Superstition: God Bless You, tells the magical tale of a girl who loses her soul because no one was there in time to say: "God bless you!" thus preventing the soul snatcher from coming and taking her soul away. As luck would have it, shortly after this happened, a boy comes along and finds the girl who now feels desolate and unattached. Sensing what has happened the brave boy takes it upon himself to help this poor girl get her soul back and he sends forth his own soul to track her down and bring it back to its rightful honor.

In this story the souls and the soul snatcher are represented by birds; mostly because the most venerated aspect of the bird is its ability to fly and throughout the ages, flight is the symbol of the soul's journey to the Hereafter. Once in the soul snatcher's lair the boy's soul flies in and rescues the girls soul, bringing it back to her safe and unharmed.

Superstition: God Bless You targets young artists between the ages of 18 and 30 who are interested in non-ordinary forms of art, especially those who say they do not believe in superstitions.



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