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Eduardo Menendez (designer)
Adam Chapman (thesis advisor)
Christopher Kirwan (thesis advisor)
Ethan Silverman (thesis advisor)
Katherine Moriwaki (thesis advisor)




Ego Wall is an audiovisual installation that transforms people's writing and voices into a living, collective and ephemeral monument' of traces. It translates the gesture of their voices and writing into "signatures", new audiovisual registers of the event. Each signature has a limited lifespan depending upon the amount of users who leave their imprints (a maximum of 30), constantly transforming and altering the façade of the installation. Ego draws on the idea of the 19th century monument as a singular, static and narrative representation of heroes, leaders and public figures. It re-appropriates the monumental into a collective, dynamic, democratic and horizontal representation of regular people. Ego Wall creates a new category of space that confronts the subject with the option of construction within this display.

The technical aspects of this project consist of a software application built in OpenFrameworks and a screen installation embedded into a structure that simulates a street wall. An array of eight small speakers is hide behind, together with a directional microphone and a wacom tablet placed in front the wall. Each user "signs" and speaks at the same time, creating a new visual output that becomes part of a dynamic representation of people.



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