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Gaelen Green (designer)
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Barbara Morris (thesis advisor)
Alexis Lloyd (thesis advisor)




ActionForge is an online platform that promotes learning and sharing new media marketing tools and tactics to strengthen true democratic but unfunded grassroots voices and empower community activism in an inaccessible media environment.

Corporate entities and persuasive politicians have always had a powerful friend in the mainstream media. And it has always cost a lot of money to run a media campaign. As media companies are bought up by corporations, and corporations swell into multi-national enterprises, it is more difficult than ever for grassroots voices to make themselves heard. At the same time, the amazing spread of the Internet has enabled any organization to find a niche and establish a voice with the potential for a global reach. However, with such a density of information to be researched, and with barriers so seemingly insurmountable, it’s easy for those voices to be lost.

ActionForge addresses this discrepancy by providing a venue for DIY, open-source tools and information to be shared and circulated among grassroots activists and community groups. While activist-oriented websites abound, there is no one place to learn the methodologies of a successful grassroots campaign. Additionally, in the quickly changing media environment that current technology advances afford, even those groups that are successful continually need to hone their skills. By implementing design concepts and new media technologies in the context of practical tools and tactics, ActionForge creates greater agency in the conversations between the powers-that-be and the proletariat, and changes the paradigm in which those conversations are held.



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