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Jerry Sung-Yu Han (designer)
Chris Prentice (thesis advisor)




Dawn is a 3D animation which tells a story about a man who dares to defy a powerful king, and even almost kills the king in his own palace. It uses some of the latest 3d technology, including Maya 8.5 ncloth solver and Maya 8.5 physical Sun and Sky, to accomplish complicated scenes in a lesser time.

The content of my thesis is to refresh and combine stories of ancient China and Chinese traditional design to modern concept, and make it interesting to the general public, without losing its original flavor, since nowadays most works with the same purpose ended up either losing its original content, or mistranslates the original story.

My target audience is teenager interested in 3D animation and games, for they will be a large group of the future generation that determines the general taste. Dawn is best distributed in both websites and theaters.



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