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Jean-Pierre Gary (designer)
John R. Jones (thesis advisor)
Chris Prentice (thesis advisor)




Most of human industry operates in a non-cyclic system that does not return resources into the ecosystem after use. It is important to find alternative solutions to building commonplace consumer electronics. Once a product’s life is complete, all its parts should become nutrients in a cyclic system.

Ecozmo is such a concept. The basic unit of Ecozmo is a cube. A user can build a complete Ecozmo with as many or few blocks as desired. If a piece breaks, one module can be replaced rather than the whole product. If the user decides to change the function or appearance of the product, he can add unto his own Ecozmo. He can also use the mold kit to make his own molds from local materials. The design system of Ecozmo allows for it to be cyclic. Once the life cycle of the Ecozmo is complete, each part of the product can be composted or returned to the manufacturer free of charge.



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