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Tolga Yildiz (designer)
Scott Paterson (thesis advisor)
Sven Travis (thesis advisor)
Louisa Campbell (thesis advisor)
Barbara Morris (thesis advisor)




re: public is a study of the relationship between the on-site and on-line presences and artistic uses of the re-emerging importance of locality in modern communication. It augments a certain physical space, in this case a collection of wireless internet access points in Manhattan, New York., via designating the location as a performance point with a unique set of inputs for an online application. The application is the deliverable of this thesis, a multi-user interactive audio and visual computational media project. It generates musical results from the wireless internet usage throughout the city. To achieve this, it virtually converts the city into a musical instrument; the users play a certain sample of the city by being in that specific location where the sound is associated. The resultant algorithmically generated music is streamed back to the users. The users connect to the application using their own mobile computer. The networked interface allows the user to interact and collaborate with each other while they are moving pieces of the map of Manhattan and thus create a soundscape. The position of each piece and their proximity with each other on the interface create a different musical result. Hence as the users are creating music collaboratively, they also reconstruct the map of the city as a result of their performance. They are also able to write annotations about the location that they inhabit so a spatial billboard –or a chatroom depending on the perspective emerges with the dynamically evolving artwork that relies heavily on the participation of internet users and their actual location in the city.



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