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Rodrigo A Sanchez (designer)
Stephanie Owens (thesis advisor)
Karen Nourse (thesis advisor)
Louisa Campbell (thesis advisor)




"Living Skinless," is a live cinema experience where the score and visual animation of the movie on screen will be performed live. The experience of the film, "Living Skinless," will take place between a pre-recorded narrative and a live performance. "Living Skinless," becomes a digitally animated live film that transforms traditional movie theatre cinema into a three dimensional sensory experience.

My intent with this thesis project is an attempt to evolve the traditional cinema event from an experience on the screen into an experience that can occur in a three dimensional sensory perception and audience participation. The live components of this project; the performers, music, and animation will not only place the film within the same three-dimensional realm as the audience, but will also create room for a dialogue to occur between the film and the performance.

Morton Heilig states in his essay "The Cinema of the Future," that "ìf an artist controlled the multisensory stimulation of the audience, he could provide them with the illusion and sensation of first-person experience, of actually being there (Heilig 220)." "Living Skinless," as a narrative, is structured similar to the prominent myths of our past, in that in the film, an everyman is on a quest to discover his own self. "Living Skinless"! is based on two paintings which are actually translated and digitally animated, each one depicting significant elements comprising the human condition: one, the nervous system, titled “Disconnected,” and the other, the voice, titled “Silenced in a Scream.”



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