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Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology program theses2004 ➔ Beyond the Surface: The Ceiling of Grand Central Terminal


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Matthew Garton (designer)
Scott Paterson (thesis advisor)
Louisa Campbell (thesis advisor)




How can New Media enhance interdisciplinary learning? In what ways can multi-media tools help to establish meaningful connections between the contemporary cityscape and the city’s history?

This project will explore the ways in which multi-media technology can introduce Junior High School students in New York City to the subject of architecture and to the ways in which the history of their city is embodied in its buildings. Essentially architecture will be used as a conduit to the subject of world history. Using Grand Central Terminal as a familiar entry point into the often unfamiliar topics of architecture and history, this project will attempt to make students aware of architecture as well as teach them how their environment is related to distant places and events. The information on the DVD will be arranged according to several contemporary learning methods that show that learners retain information better if they: learn within a familiar context, are able to make several connections between what they know and the to-be-learned information, and learn through exploration and decision making. This project is designed for an educational environment. This includes the classroom, library and also a kiosk in a museum. Its efficacy in these environments will determine its overall success.



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