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Julia Kathleen Balfour (designer)
Mark Stafford (thesis advisor)
Sheridan Hay (thesis advisor)
Stephanie Owens (thesis advisor)
Louisa Campbell (thesis advisor)




I am interested in exploring the literary value of chat room writings. I have developed an online chat site that allows users the ability to work collectively on writing samples, both prose and poetry, within the context of a chat room. Writings are created in real time, integrating chat room colloquial with user’s own literary voices. User’s will work within what David Crystal calls the “third medium”(Crystal 48), computer mediated communications; a linguistic hybrid of writing and speaking which is popularly referred to as Netspeak.The target audience is writers, playwrights, comedians, and poets who are interested in exploring this collaborative writing experience.The authors’ results are submitted for review, by a board of editors.This board will select a collection of the work to be published in print, quarterly.The purpose of this site is to address the richness of chat room writings and to encourage readership of those writings, along with the intention of increasing the use of this medium as a tool to create interesting and rich work.



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