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Hiroaki Sasa (designer)
Koichi Sato (designer)
Louisa Campbell (thesis advisor)
Chris Romero (thesis advisor)
Barbara Morris (thesis advisor)
Sven Travis (thesis advisor)




"Ki-Do-Ai-Raku" is a video compilation of 3D animation and four video clips that shows a man’s process of freeing himself from emotions at his death. A video compilation is a video with independent visual components. In the case of our project, we chose to tell a story with 3D animation and four video clips as its components. The story and structure of the project is based on a Japanese idiom, “Chu-Dou”, which tells us to go through three emotional states in order to free ourselves from emotions. “Ki-DO-AI-RAKU” is a collaborative project by Koichi and I. Both of us work on the 3D animation part of our project. In the 3D animation, Koichi is mainly in charge of character design and character animation, and I was in charge of the environment and its animation. Koichi directs and produces two of the four video clips. I direct and produce the other two video clips. We advise and help each other in terms of production and concepts of video clips. At the beginning of the story a comatose man appears vegetative in bed. He shows no emotion. After the black out wakes him up, his heart beat gets faster and faster. Before he dies, he dreams. He releases four emotions, pleasure, anger, pity and happiness in four different dreams. In the second dream about anger, he expresses his rage against the entire human society by dropping bombs over civilians. In the third dream about pity, he feels pity over a couple who cannot stop fighting each other for ridiculous reasons. In the end he succeeds in releasing his emotions, and dies in peace.



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