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Erin Chen (designer)
Scott Paterson (thesis advisor)
Morry Galonoy (thesis advisor)
Louisa Campbell (thesis advisor)
Barbara Morris (thesis advisor)
Ga Brinkmann-Zhang (thesis advisor)




Rapidly developing technology and a sense of fear have propelled us into a world monitored by video surveillance. Increased security has raised our tolerance for social control through surveillance. Meanwhile, the popularity of reality TV and online web cams has increased the temptation to watch. The act of watching the private moments of others has become acceptable as a form of entertainment. By making exhibitionistic exposure a rewarding activity, have we become so comfortable with surveillance that we have unwittingly allowed its potential for control to escape our attention?

“To See and Be Seen” is a video installation that recreates the daily experience of watching and being watched simultaneously. It explores the relationship between that ubiquitous control mechanism and voyeuristic temptation in our society in order to reveal the dynamics of victimization: the victim as the victimizer and vice versa.



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