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Brendan Roche (designer)
Andrea Dezso (thesis advisor)
Abraham Geil (thesis advisor)




My thesis is a video and sound installation that explores my views on media saturation compared to the emotional experience of anonymous, man made, abandoned spaces. I am attempting to show how these two elements affect the experience of the same physical space. By showing these elements together in the context of an enclosed installation they become more apparent than in their typical context. As both elements our made up of imagery and sound neither take any physical space beyond what they are displayed on. The photographic projections of abandoned spaces are virtual representations of the spaces themselves. Television like photography acts as a frame or filter of reality, therefore the imagery and sound within the installation is a representation of what is seen and heard. For the sake of this project though television acts more as a representation of the medium as a whole and its place in American society.

I am interested in the experience created by media saturation. Mass media effects our beliefs, ideas and cognitions. I believe that though elements of mass media do not take up physical spaces that have the same mental and emotional effect as a crowded street. In my project the effect of mass media is heightened when displayed alongside images and sound from abandoned structures. I have been interested in abandoned buildings and other man made abandoned spaces, such as amusement parks and swimming pools for a couple of years. These spaces have a great deal of physicality but are not intrusive and do not crowd my mental space the way mass media does. This project will create an unusual experience comparable to a television or billboard in an abandoned factory, or a picture of the inside of the factory on a screen in Times Square. By putting mass media alongside abandoned spaces, I hope to create a conflicting scenario that heightens the experience of each.

The installation is made up of videos made of footage taken from television and is played on televisions within the space, projections of abandoned spaces are from pictures I took at a number of abandoned sites. I recorded sound from these abandoned sites that is played in parts of the installation the other audio is taken from the recorded television footage. The installation is meant as a single viewer experience.




Brendan Roche. Abandon | Media. 2004. Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology program theses; 2004 . New School Archives and Special Collections Digital Archive. Web. 18 Nov 2019.

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