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Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology program theses2003 ➔ Making A Humorous 3D Cartoon Style Animation: Moo~ Baby Moo!


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Wan-Chen Chiang (designer)
John Sharp (thesis advisor)
Anezka Sebek (thesis advisor)
Loretta Wolozin (thesis advisor)




My project is about how to make a two-minute, funny, three-dimensional, cartoon-style animation. In order to achieve the humor, I integrated many elements to establish humor, such as story, character design, sound design, camera usage, and characters’ animation. I focused most on character animation. I think that a successful humor animation not only needs a funny narrative to establish the humor, but also visual gags. Those visual gags are made from character animation. In 2D cartoons, the characters action always contains a lot of distortion, and that is the major joy of watching the visual gags. In 3D animation, I seldom see this kind of exaggeration happen in its characters. In general, 3D characters’ actions look less dynamic than 2D cartoon characters. The reason is that 2D cartoon characters are usually animated with the principles of traditional animation. So, my idea is to integrate those principles into my characters’ actions. In summary, I created 3-D animation that borrows the comedy’s vocabulary from traditional 2-D animation. The story is about the farmer, John, wants to milk the cow, Rosy. When he is tying the cow, his wife, Mary, misunderstands the scenario. In general, the central joke is the imagination of the sexual action.



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