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Matthew Thomas Mohr (designer)
John Sharp (thesis advisor)
Barbara Morris (thesis advisor)
Sven Travis (thesis advisor)
Shelly Wynecoop (thesis advisor)
Nicholas Fischer (thesis advisor)




3D Narrative combines 'bullet-time' technology and a unique interactive display mechanism to tell an original story in six 'frozen moments'.   

"The Island of Misfit Toys" follows the hypothetical advancement of intensely creative individuals from youth to adulthood. Each vignette depicts the struggle of the "misfit" striving to find a personal mode of  expression and social acceptance. New York City provides a simultaneously welcoming and visceral setting for this tale of  development.  

Each monitor mounted on a vertical axis is mapped to a virtual environment with an arc of 180 perspectives on an interior scene. By physically moving the screen around the vertical axis laterally, the user  explores the frozen moment looking for visual cues.

Each scene contains an action by a character or an element of the environment to indicate the direction of the narrative thread. By following these visual cues, the user interacts with the story.



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