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Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology program theses2003 ➔ Comic Studio: A Comic Drawing Style 3D Animation


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Chun-Wei Chen (designer)
John Sharp (thesis advisor)




Comic and Japanese manga are both sequential storytelling processes that use still, flat images and are usually shown on paper without sound. Each sequential panel not only contains independent meaningful images and texts, but also has its specific “time period”. So comic and manga readers have to go through every separate and independent “time period” in a particular order to collect every piece of story. This process also guides readers to imagine what happens between every time “gap” to reorganize the whole story. This differs greatly from animation, which is a continuous and consistent storytelling process going frame by frame with sound.

I am fascinated by the Japanese manga drawing style. It is an awesome artwork with less color (monochrome) and ink-drawing skill. I am also fascinated by manga storytelling and character development. These interesting concepts really inspire me and challenge me to create a 3D animation with Japanese drawing and storytelling styles by using non photo-realistic rendering (NPR) techniques.



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