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Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology program theses2003 ➔ Don Giovanni: Another Unmasking


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Catherine Herberstein (designer)
John Sharp (thesis advisor)
Chris Romero (thesis advisor)
Maria Jerskey (thesis advisor)




“Don Giovanni: Another Unmasking” is an attempt to translate the beauty and magnificence of  opera into a contemporary format more pertinent to our cultural changes and reflects the society we  live in. This project re-thinks the method of delivering the experience of Mozart’s “Don Giovanni”  to younger audiences in a more technological time by translating the opera into a non-linear Flash  interface. My focus lies in narrowing the aesthetic and cultural gaps between opera as a received  tradition and the tastes of today’s audiences. The main challenge is, therefore, to develop solutions to  this aesthetic challenge. At this stage of conceptualization and production of my project, I have  decided to create a digital interface mainly based on the use of typography, stylized imagery and  sound to create an abstract representation of “Don Giovanni.” Ultimately, it is hoped that the visual  interaction of different compositional elements (type, images, sounds and content) will work  together to convey a cinematic quality to the piece. Opera is a very intense, dramatic, performance  oriented art form, and I hope to be able to condense it into a series of interactive text experiences,  while retaining some of the compelling narrative forces. My thesis project is as much about  discovering and exploring my own creative voice as it is about developing an interface that serves as a  bridge between opera and those unfamiliar with that art form.



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