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Cynthia C. Chen (designer)
Morry Galonoy (thesis advisor)
David Benjamin Kanter (thesis advisor)
Dennis Yuen (thesis advisor)
Loretta Wolozin (thesis advisor)
Shelly Wynecoop (thesis advisor)




This thesis project, I Do, is an experimental documentary representing my emotions related to my marriage. The reconstruction of the feelings is derived from multiple sources, such as memories, diaries, photographs, interviews, and artifacts. The creative process employs confluences of abstract metaphors and vocal narrations in multiple languages to reflect my thoughts about the psychological, sociological, and cultural aspects of my marriage. In the course of implementing this narrative strategy, I have become familiar with the time-based media I chose to convey my work. My goal in putting forth this personal expression has been to gain a clearer understanding of what the words "I do" mean to me. In addition, I hope others recognize that I appreciate living the life I have because of the people I know. I hope this project will provoke audiences to think not only about my experiences, but also about the value they place on their own relationships.



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