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Chih-Sheng Su (designer)
David Benjamin Kanter (thesis advisor)
John Sharp (thesis advisor)




My first idea was creating an “interactive, non-linear movie.” I was impressed by the movie “Fight Club.” It made me want to do something I have never done before - something crazy, insane; and I want to do something to make users have the same feeling. “To explore and find out one’s unknown self” Most narrative projects only have “one way communication.” They can only give audience the “one-time” experience, and audience have no chance to participate in them. Therefore, I decided to do a “network interactive project” for multi-users. Users are about to watch a movie, which the protagonists are themselves. Each user can control one part of this project. In other words, once they connect with different users, they will have different experiences. I thought I could create a “non-linear narrative project”, and make people think about themselves, do something they have never done before.



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