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Byung-ju Kim (designer)
Christopher Kirwan (thesis advisor)
John Sharp (thesis advisor)




My project is about memory and feelings of place. My interest in the meaning of place has itss beginnings in my cultural background. The Korean study of geomancy or Fengshui has been a part of my life. The perceptions I have as a result of Fengshui associations are about personal and cultural memory - a collective Korean memory . The familiar example of a people searching for hospitable places to settle -- to form a civilization, a city, a community -- also forms the theory of how people develop their own - yet common - perceptions of phenomenon. There are numerous classic land configurations, for example, that resemble animals, objects, plants, or people. These are associated with specific places and are important because they are models of harmony between humanity and the natural environment.

Starting with prior experience is a good beginning for understanding -- just about anything. I believe my motivation for Place in Mind started with my everyday cultural experience.



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